Best Twitter Accounts To Follow For Knowledge In 2023

Expand Your Mind: 6 The Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Knowledge To Follow NowWhether you’re passionate about science, technology, history, or any other field of interest, Twitter offers a vast array of accounts dedicated to sharing valuable insights and fostering intellectual growth. Explore the best Twitter accounts to follow for knowledge, allowing you to expand your thoughts.

Best Twitter Accounts To Follow For Knowledge

1. @NatGeo:

National Geographic (@NatGeo) is synonymous with exploration, discovery, and knowledge. Their Twitter account offers a captivating blend of stunning photography, engaging articles, and educational content covering a wide range of topics such as nature, wildlife, space, and cultural heritage. Follow them for a daily dose of scientific wonders and fascinating insights into our world. NatGeo is one of the best twitter accounts to follow for knowledge.

2. @NASA:

For all things space and astronomy, NASA’s Twitter account (@NASA) is the ultimate destination. Keep yourself informed about the latest space missions, groundbreaking discoveries, and awe-inspiring images captured from the vast expanse of the universe. Follow @NASA for an enriching cosmic journey right at your fingertips. Whether it’s updates on Mars exploration, insights into Earth’s climate, or glimpses of distant galaxies, @NASA will keep you informed and inspired.

3. @TEDTalks:

TED Talks (@TEDTalks) have become synonymous with knowledge sharing and intellectual stimulation. Twitter is the gateway to a treasure trove of knowledge! Follow them to access fascinating snippets from their extensive collection of talks by experts across diverse fields. Brace yourself for mind-expanding ideas, thought-provoking discussions, and insights into cutting-edge advancements in science, technology, psychology, and beyond. Unlock a world of learning and inspiration by following them on Twitter. TEDTalks is the best twitter accounts to follow for twitter.

4. @BillGates:

Gain exclusive access to the brilliant mind of Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder and esteemed philanthropist. By following his Twitter account, @BillGates, you’ll be immersed in his valuable thoughts, insightful perspectives, and recommended reading. Prepare to be enlightened by expert opinions on global issues, thought-provoking discussions on healthcare, education, and innovation, and a wealth of knowledge that transcends boundaries.

5. @BrainPickings:

If you’re seeking intellectual nourishment and creative inspiration, @BrainPickings is a must-follow account. Maria Popova, the founder of Brain Pickings, curates thought-provoking articles, quotes, and book recommendations exploring a wide range of topics, including art, literature, philosophy, and psychology. Adding BrainPickings in your following list for best twitter accounts to follow for knowledge.

6. @HistoryInPics:


For history enthusiasts, @HistoryInPics on Twitter is a captivating gem! Immerse yourself in the past with their collection of historical photographs accompanied by insightful captions. Unearth rare images, fascinating anecdotes, and glimpses into bygone eras that truly bring history to life.

Indeed, Twitter has evolved into an intellectual haven, fostering knowledge exchange and engagement. It serves as a dynamic platform where experts, organizations, and enthusiasts converge to share invaluable insights, contributing to a vibrant and enriching online community.

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