Is Safe For Watching Anime? Does It Track Your IP Address?

Is Safe For Anime

Is Safe For Watching Anime? Does It Track your IP Address & Information.
Zoro Anime is no doubt one of the best site for streaming anime series & movies online. They upload anime stuff in daily basis. You can easily adjust the video quality from 360p to 1080p. But the question that arises here is that “Is Safe For Streaming Anime?” Or “Is Legal?”

Is Legal..!

Althrough, you can easily stream anime on Zoro Anime for free. But their website is not legally licensed to stream Anime content. Such type of sites exists until the content owners took legal notice against them. So the simple answer to the question “Is Legal?” is “Yes, it is an illegal site that uploads Anime episodes & movies.

Can I Download From

Yet is an illegal site for watching Anime. But it’s safe to use such sites for watching anime online. But it is recommended not to download anime from such sites. You might face legal action depending upon the strictness of content polices implemented in your country.

Does Zoro Anime Tracks your Address..?

You can use with or without creating your account on Zoro Anime by giving your E-mail Address. Creating your account on Zoro Anime enables you to bookmark episodes in your watchlist as well as sharing your ideas on But, creating your account on doesn’t track your IP Address. Still Zoro Anime has your E-mail Address when you create your account on Zoro Anime.
It is recommended to watch anime on without creating your account.

Is Safe

Such type of illegal sites work until they face penalties from thoes who own that content. Ultimately these website are removed and in some cases they change their URLs into new one and remain uploading their content. 
You should definitely stream what to you want to see on such platforms that have content rights..!

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