Profile Update Failed Twitter || Fix Now 5 Steps

Profile update failed twitter

Profile Update Failed Twitter

Fix ”Profile Update Failed Twitter” Problem In 5 simple Steps. If you are facing profile updated failed while updating your profile Bio on twitter account..? This can be frustrating and confusing. But don’t worry you can follow the given steps to fix this problem.”

Profile Bio Update Failed Twitter

Android Twitter Profile Update Failed

Why Is This Happening..?

  • Your Bio characters are more than 16o.
  • Your internet connection may be unstable.
  • You might be using fake verification mark in your profile Bio.
  • You are using some characters (%,!,¥,etc.) in your Bio which are not supported by Twitter algorithm.
  • There may be error or glitch within Twitter system.

Now How Can You Resolve this: 

Profile Update Failed Twitter

You can Follow the following steps to sort out this problem:

1. Stable Connection:

Make sure you have a stable network connection. You can restart your Wi-Fi on your device.
Restart Twitter App:
If it’s not working then, restart your Twitter app once or twice. By, just simply closing and reopening Twitter App might resolve your issue.

Profile Update Failed Twitter Name

2. Remove Special Characters:

Make sure to remove special characters from your profile Bio on Twitter. These special characters might be quotation marks some kind of bracket or something like that.

3. Check Your Bio Length:

Check the length of characters in your profile Bio, according to the privacy policy of Twitter the character limit is 160. If it is more than 160 characters then it will not be saved.

4. Remove URL & Website Link from the Bio:

If the website or URL that you have provided in your Bio is detected by Twitter as malware. This might prevents you to save change setting while updating your profile in Twitter.

5. Update Twitter App:

Update Twitter App to latest version & wait for some time and then Try again.

Hope this information helps you to sort out profile update problem.

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