7 Top Fb Pages in Germany To Follow Now

Top Facebook Pages In Germany

Exploring 7 Top Fb Pages In Germany To Follow Now In 2023. Social media has revolutionized the way we connect and share information, and Facebook remains one of the leading platforms worldwide.

In Germany, Facebook has a massive user base, making it a prime platform for businesses, organizations, and public figures to engage with their audience.
Today, we’ll take a fascinating journey through the seven top Facebook pages in Germany, offering a glimpse into their success and appeal.

Top Fb Pages In Germany 

1. Mercedes-Benz Deutschland


Luxury and innovation define the Mercedes-Benz brand, and their Facebook page reflects precisely that. With stunning visuals, updates on the latest car models, and a focus on technological advancements, Mercedes-Benz Deutschland attracts not only car enthusiasts but also those intrigued by cutting-edge design and engineering.

2. Adidas Deutschland

Adidas, the iconic sportswear brand, dominates the Facebook scene in Germany. With a perfect blend of engaging content, exclusive product launches, and sports-related updates, Adidas Deutschland has amassed a massive following. Their interactive campaigns, athlete collaborations, and community engagement have solidified their place as one of the top Facebook pages in the country.

3. Tasty Deutschland


Food brings people together, and the Facebook page of Tasty Deutschland has capitalized on this notion. This German branch of the popular food media brand offers scrumptious recipes, cooking tips, and engaging food videos that leave viewers drooling. The page’s simple yet effective approach to showcasing delectable dishes has earned them a dedicated following.

Top Fb Pages in Germany

4. Lufthansa

As one of the leading airlines in Europe, Lufthansa has crafted a compelling Facebook presence. Their page showcases breathtaking travel destinations, travel tips, and promotions, catering to wanderlust-driven individuals. By creating an online community of travel enthusiasts, Lufthansa fosters a sense of belonging and inspires their followers to explore the world.

4. FC Bayern München

Football, or soccer as it’s known in some parts of the world, holds a special place in Germany’s heart. The official Facebook page of FC Bayern München, one of the most successful football clubs in the country, has an enormous fan base. With live match updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and player interviews, the page keeps its followers updated and engaged all year round.

Top 10 Germany page on Facebook

5. National Geographic Deutschland

The renowned National Geographic brand has captured the imagination of people worldwide, and its German Facebook page is no exception. Featuring awe-inspiring photos, informative articles, and stories from every corner of the globe, National Geographic Deutschland takes its audience on a virtual expedition to explore the wonders of nature and the diversity of cultures.

Top fb Pages in Germany Free

7. NDR.de

Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) is a public broadcaster serving Northern Germany. Their Facebook page, NDR.de, has gained popularity by providing users with a diverse range of news, entertainment, and cultural content. From breaking news to cultural events and regional stories, NDR.de keeps its followers well-informed and engaged with topics that matter to them.


The top Facebook pages in Germany demonstrate the power of social media in connecting people and creating communities around shared interests. Whether it’s through sports, travel, food, luxury, nature, or news, these pages have mastered the art of engaging their audience and fostering lasting relationships. As Facebook continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative approaches to online engagement and a greater sense of virtual togetherness in the future.

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