What Most Men Feel About Small Bo*bs


There is no doubt that men are attracted to women physically. They love to think about their opposite gender and making love with them.

Whenever a male approaches female in relationship or any other way, the first thing that a man notices in women is her Bo*bs and its natural for every man. Breasts are the sign of female maturity and indicates that she is perfect for reproduction.

Case Study

In a case study done in many countries including U.S.A, UK & other countries, it was found that most of the rich men prefer women with small Boo*bs. While people having financial problems are attracted to women with big Bo*bs. The reason for such results is unknown.

Biological Facts

While, genetically Most of the Men perfer Women with Big Boo*bs. Because big Bo*bs attract man more than small ones.

Apparently,  men are biologically attracted to breasts. Full clevage indicates that women has good health and is perfect for bearing and raising her children. But according to authors male attraction towards Big Bo*bs hoes beyond this and is developed during his childhood.


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