How to Remove Meta AI on Facebook (Android)

How to Remove Meta AI on Facebook

Complete Guide: How to Remove Meta AI on Facebook (Android)

Certainly! Here’s a guide on how to remove Meta AI from WhatsApp on Android devices:

  1. Delete the Facebook App:

    • First, uninstall the Facebook app from your Android device.
  2. Download an Older Version of Facebook:

    • Go to this link.
    • Select “Older versions” and scroll down to find more options.
    • Choose a version of Facebook that is older than September 27, 2023 (e.g., September 21, 2023, version
    • Tap on “Download” followed by “Download anyway.”
  3. Install the Older Version:

    • Open the downloaded file and tap on “Install.”
    • Log in to your WhatsApp account.
  4. Meta AI Removed! 🎉

    • Meta AI should now be successfully removed from your WhatsApp.


  • If you’re prompted to update the app, choose not to update, as updating may add Meta AI back to WhatsApp.
  • If you encounter issues during installation (step #3), allow Chrome to install unknown apps by going to:
    • Settings > Security and privacy > More security and privacy > Installation sources > Chrome > Allow.

Unfortunately, there is currently no option to disable Meta AI on Facebook for iOS devices. If you have an iOS device, you’ll need to wait for any future updates that may address this issue.

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