How to Monetize Twitter from Pakistan | Complete Guide in 2024

Here is a complete guide on “How to Monetize Twitter from Pakistan”: Step-by-Step Guide in 2024

If you want to get monetize on Twitter and you are currently living in Pakistan, then here is a complete guide on getting your account monetize from Pakistan.

Disclaimer:  Generally, Pakistan is not illegible for monetization on Twitter 

Follow the given steps to get your account monetized on twitter from Pakistan:

⇒ Step 1 (Minimum Requirements):

The minimum requirements for the account to get monetized is as given:

  1. 500 Followers
  2. 5M Impression in 28Day

⇒ Step 2 (Have Blue Tick):

You also have to need to get the Blue Tick on your account. Then, you have to get the premium subscription of the twitter.

⇒ Step 3 (Use VPN):

You can use VPN to change your location and then you can apply for the monetization.

⇒ Step 4 (Stripe Account):

You also have a stripe account for getting the Payout from the Twitter.


By following the given steps, you can monetize your account from the Pakistan in just 3 Simple steps and earn from it.

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